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New game in development

The final name of the project has not been decided yet, but it’s a point and click game about a heist taking place on a train. Being set on train the game is rather linear, with blocks / puzzles which need to be overcome in order to advance each few wagons. Even with this downside the setting is a rather interesting one as it forces the development of (train) themed puzzles. Each puzzles addresses a trope like the conductor, train tickets, freight carriages and so on. The setting also describes mostly itself, a train is just that, a train.

What’s planned:

Add music

My early games had only pick item sounds. Later ones had ambient sounds plus simple sounds for different actions (like the noise of a hammer when fixing something), but no music. Adding music may or may not happen since it seems like a time consuming task and the plan for this game is to roll it out fast. Yes, plenty of music resources are available online but finding the track that’s a match for the game or scene takes a lot of time.

Add animation

Animation was never part of my games. Simple animation in Unity is not hard to achieve, at least after watching Brackeys great tutorial on the topic. Simple animations here and there will greatly increase the appeal of the game.

Add a player character and several NPCs

Non player characters will surely be added, an example is the Conductor from the screenshot below. A player character on the other hand seems complicated, I fear not to bite more than I can chew and add too much development time to the project.

The plan is to keep things simple and develop this game as fast as possible without sacrificing too much from what I imagine it will be. In closing, here’s a screenshot from a in development game area. One of the first scenes, a class 2 wagon, including one of the NPC characters players will encounter, the conductor.