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Thoughts on our past games

I’m at a crossroad of sorts, deciding on the next project. It’s a great time to look back and contemplate on the good and bad.

Island Adventures

The first game I developed. Coded in ActionScript 3 and inspired by simple escape games, it’s linear and consists of just a few puzzles. The current version, present on the website, is a re-drawing of that original release.




The second (and last) game created with Flash. Has more puzzles but it’s still linear. One notable aspect is how congruent each scene is. Everything has a purpose and it doesn’t just exist as a prop, the whole depiction flows together.



Winter Tales

My third game. Developed with Adventure Creator (of which I wrote here) and trying to include the teachings of puzzle dependency charts, it was a great learning experience. The puzzles got slightly more complex but the gameplay was still linear. The first character ever was included (Theodore the Cat). Unfortunately the game suffered from noticeable lag when moving between scenes, a thing I was unable to fix due to my then limited understanding of both Unity and Adventure Creator.


Wildflower Quest

The latest and recently launched point and click game. While still short is my longest game yet. The puzzles diversified quite a bit and allowed parallel solving. Got stuck solving one? Try another! This was mostly possible with the inclusion of a map which allowed transitioning to different areas each with it’s own obstacles. Launched in both Android and web format it’s starting to shape into being my most popular game yet. If curious on how I raised awareness towards its launch, it’s detailed here.


With all the above being said, who knows where time will take us? For now the next likely step is making this whole hobby slightly sustainable, develop a new better game, and learn low poly 3D. Stay safe.