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Where to upload and share Unity games in 2020

Wildflower Quest was launched in August 2020 in both Android and WebGL format. With no advertising budget or community behind it I decided to upload and share the game on several platforms. Here’s a full list and my thoughts on each.

  • – quite a few people use this website. Therefore, it’s a good place to get noticed by walkthrough creators, let’s players and gamers. Allows you to set a personalized page, a price or accept donations.
  • – similar in concept with itch.
  • – a relic from a time when flash games thrived. Great as ever!
  • – unfortunately Kongregate doesn’t allow the uploading of new games anymore as of 2020. You can still play the old ones, but that’s it. Was a great website to get extra exposure and plays.
  • – this comes recommended in the email Newgrounds sends after uploading a new game. Follow the subreddit rules and you can share it for extra exposure.
  •  YouTube video walkthrough – a video walkthrough is a must. Pair it with a text version, the players will thank you.
  • – besides hosting the game, provides a lot of tools for developers.
  •  facebook page – need one in order to build a community or advertise on.
  •  twitter page – same as with the above.
  •  upload on self hosted website – in this case, Having one place where users can be redirected helps with building a community and with any potential monetization you might want.
  •  Google Play – has a one time fee of 25$. An obvious must for Android games.
  • – once a game is launched on the Playstore it will eventually end up here automatically. You can create an account and claim the game.

Sharing to all of these will raise a game’s visibility and with it the chances to get noticed by specialty websites or let’s players.

And finally, in case you already developed several games, another method of finding websites to share on is to search your past games by name, locate the websites that shared them and hit contact.