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Wildflower Quest – Text Walkthrough

THE VILLAGE (2 flowers are found here)

In the starting room:
Pick up Journal
Pick up Warrior statue from cupboard

Flower guarded by the doggo:

Pick up Green hose from near the water pump
Besides the Bakery where the chimney is, do the following:
Click the Blue pipe to open it
Click on the Chimney to orient it downwards
Use Green hose on either Pipe or Chimney
Smoke fills the bakery and the baker is gone

Pick up Honey perfume bottle from counter
Pick up Dough from table
Put Dough in oven
Pick up Paddle
Use Paddle on oven with dough in it, obtain Bread
Give bread to Doggie
Enter garden and pick up flower

Flower from behind bakery / through the sewers

In trash alley, where the cat is:
Open Trash bin lid
Click on Stay Quiet sign until Theodor the cat is in the Trash bin
Click Trash bin and close the lid (this puzzle is a timed action)

From toolbox:
Pick up Hexagonal shape
Pick up Handle
Combine Hexagonal Shape with Handle, obtain Hexa Key

Use Hexa Key on sewer lid, now the sewers are open
Pick up Long stick from besides the linen
Use Long stick on Drain outside Bakery
You can now pass through the Sewers
Go through the Sewers and enter the Garden
Pick up Knife and Map (collected at the same time)
Pick up flower


Pick up Candle
Pick up Tree statue
Place Warrior statue (obtained from the room where the game started) on the pillar where the Tree statue was located
On the tallest / rightmost pillar place the Candle
Click on the stone from the base of the screen until the statue pillar is as high as the candle pillar
The beast is gone, pick up flower


In starting room (where you start the game) use Knife on big framed Painting, obtain Painting
Combine Painting with Honey perfume, obtain Perfumed painting
Place Perfumed painting on Chevalet
All bees move to the painting
Pick up flower


Click on the wood with rope, the boat will appear on the shore.
From inside the boat pick up Rope with hook
Use Rope with hook on floating debris
Pick up planks
Pick up Bowl and knife from desert / bee hive location
Use Bowl and knife on Green rubber tree from the lake location
Pick up resin
Use Planks on Boat hole
Use Resin over planks
Go to island, pick up flower


Pick up pebbles from sand heap
Use pebbles on top window


Congratulations! 🙂
I hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did creating it.
Until we meet again, have a good one.