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Winter Tales – Text Walkthrough

You start the game into the Fireplace room.

Open the Wooden box (above fireplace) and collect the tree figurines.
(Bear, Rabbit, Wolf)

Go right into the Reading Room.

Click on the Dragon painting and collect the Dragon figurine.
Open the book with the key on it (top shelf, red) and pick up the Lockpicks.
Use Lockpicks on Chest.
Pick up the Gloves from the Chest.

Go left into the Kitchen, past the Fireplace room.

Pick up the Blue coat (it’s a Winter coat).
Pick up the Boots.
Open the rightmost Cabinet door and pick up the Milk carton.
Click on the red Rug to reveal the Trapdoor.
Click and open the Trapdoor.

Enter the Basement.

Starting from the LEFT place the figurines on the Pilons in the following order:
[The order is hinted in each of the four paintings from around the house]
Dragon, Rabbit, Wolf, Bear.

Use Milk carton on the Time machine.
Click the Yellow button above the Time machine.
Pick up Cheese.

Go back into the Fireplace room.

Use the Cheese on the Mouse hole.
Wait for Theodor to move and pick up the Beanie.

Go back into the Kitchen.

Open the Door. Click and choose “I’m ready (exit the house)”.

You are now Outside.

Click on the Snow Pile (bottom right of the screen) to reveal the Axe.
Pick up the Axe (we’ll need it later).

Go left and enter the Woods. It’s a snowman!

Pick up the Rune next to the snowman and return outside the house (go right).

You are now outside the house.

Use the Rune on the Stone slab.
You’ll hear a click and a yellow light will shimmer around the Stone slab.

Go inside the house and into the Basement.
Click and enter the Painting with the huge carrot.
Go right into the Greenhouse.

Open the Fertilizer box and pick up the Red, Green and Blue fertilizers.
Combine any two Fertilizers to obtain another color.
Combine the color you obtained with the remaining color to obtain White.
Use the White fertilizer on the center Seedbed.
Pick up the Carrot of Truth from the center seedbed.

Go back into the room with the Snowman.

Use the Carrot of Truth on the snowman.
Click on the Snowman to talk with it.
Choose “Do you know the way?”.
Follow the Snowman’s instruction and go: UP, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, UP.

You are now in a clearing with a big Fir tree in the center.

Use the Axe twice on the Fir tree.
Pick up the Fir tree.

Return to the house and enter the Fireplace room.

Use the Fir tree on the Tree stand.
A floating book appears above the fireplace.
Click on the “Book of loose ends”.